39-year-old rising WWE Superstar could be the man to finally dethrone Austin Theory

Austin Theory is in his second reign as the United States Champion!
Austin Theory is in his second reign as the United States Champion!

Austin Theory has been in limbo since he defeated John Cena at WrestleMania 39 Night One to retain his United States Champion. The youngest US Champion recently left Monday Night RAW and got drafted to Friday Night SmackDown with his championship.

Fans wonder when A-Town will lose, and a new champion will be crowned on the blue brand. There are no official reports, but Santos Escobar of the Latino World Order could be the man to finally end Austin Theory's tyranny as the United States Champion.

It’s not “I remember watching them”…it’s “I remember beating them all”? #AustinTheoryLive

Last year, Santos Escobar made his way to the main roster alongside Joaquin Wilde, Cruz Del Toro, and a returning Zelina Vega. The stable worked in the tag team division for a while before aligning with Rey Mysterio and helping the Master of 619 to fight off The Judgment Day.

Earlier this year, Rey Mysterio recreated the Latino World Order with the members of the Legado Del Fantasma on the main roster. It would be best if Austin Theory loses the United States Championship to LWO's Santos Escobar in the coming months.

Why should Santos Escobar dethrone Austin Theory to become the next United States Champion?

The Latino World Order has been one of the hottest commodities in the company, apart from The Bloodline. The stable has been the frontrunner regarding merchandise sales, and several big names such as Bad Bunny, Savio Vega, Rey Mysterio, and Carlito have been associated with the group.

The stable also consists of one of the biggest faces in professional wrestling. Earlier this month, a report stated that Santos Escobar was one of the faces of the brand, along with his current mentor and several legends of the blue brand.

Logically, it makes sense for a face to dethrone heel as a champion. Over the years, several different scenarios have been played out, but the company rarely allows two bad guys to go after each other. Escobar is now one of the babyfaces, and a rising star of the brand who could be the one to beat Austin Theory.

The company could push the Latino World Order further by putting the title on Escobar from Austin Theory. A-Town Down's time as champion is running out, and WWE can pull the trigger on Escobar by making him a key player and the biggest babyface in the company if he ends Theory's reign as champion.

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