What did Nakita Marie Walker do? Washington woman with DUI history charged over deadly Rock Creek crash

Nakita Marie Walker of Washington who has a history of DUI, charged over deadly Rock Creek crash. (Representative image via Shutterstock)
Nakita Marie Walker of Washington who has a history of DUI, charged over deadly Rock Creek crash. (Representative image via Shutterstock)

On May 22, 2023, 43-year-old Nakita Marie Walker of Washington, D.C., was arrested by the United States Park Police for her involvement in the fatal March 15 crash on Rock Creek Parkway.

According to the news release by the United States Park Police, in the traffic crash, Nakita killed three occupants in one of the involved cars and was charged with second-degree murder.

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Nakita, who has a history of DUIs (Driving Under the Influence), crashed and killed a Lyft driver and two of his male passengers who were on their way home from a night out in Washington D.C.

Nakita Marie Walker's vehicle had 44 outstanding tickets

On March 15, 2023, Nakita Marie Walker, who was driving her Lexus SUV along with another male passenger, fled a traffic stop near the Kennedy Center and sped up the parkway before crossing the double yellow line.

Nakita crashed into a Honda Accord that belonged to the 42-year-old Lyft driver, Mohamed Kamara. Mohamed was carrying two passengers with him, who were identified as 22-year-old Olvin Torres Velasquez and 23-year-old Jonathan Cabrera Mendez.


DCist reported that according to the arrest warrant, Nakita Marie Walker and her passenger had reportedly been drinking while watching a movie earlier that evening. Later, they also bought a bottle of liquor, which was located in the car, partly consumed.

As per the report by DCist, during an interview, the passenger informed the police that Nakita did not consume any alcohol inside the vehicle as she was already slightly inebriated. However, a urine test revealed Nakita to be intoxicated.

Following the crash, Nakita and the passenger in the Lexus were transported to a hospital for treatment of the injuries they sustained.


FOX 5 reported that prior to the crash, Nakita Marie Walker's SUV had 44 outstanding tickets, which add up to $12,300 with the District's Department of Motor Vehicles.

The District's Department of Motor Vehicles website show that 43 of those tickets are for speeding violations, and one of them is for running a red light.

The Washington Post reported that according to court records, Nakita has a record of driving offenses that dates back more than a decade.

Law&Crime reported that court records show Nakita was prosecuted in connection with two other crashes in 2016 and 2018 that injured another driver and a pedestrian.


According to the report by Law&Crime, in May 2021, another civil lawsuit was filed in connection with a June 16, 2018, incident where a female pedestrian sustained severe injuries.

According to the report by The Washington Post, The District’s Department of Motor Vehicles did not immediately confirm Nakita Marie Walker's driver’s license validity at the time of the crash. They also failed to check if she completed the traffic safety programs assigned to her following her criminal cases.

Families of Nakita Marie Walker's victims demand justice

Law&Crime reported that following the fatal March 15 crash, the victims’ families and other victims of similar incidents are seeking justice and change so that drivers like Nakita Marie Walker are held accountable and revoked of their driving rights.


The Washington Post reported that after Nakita was charged, Mohamed Kamara’s 44-year-old brother-in-law, Mohamed Fofana, said:

“We can’t bring him back and all the other folks who lost their lives in that accident. But it’s a step toward accountability and making sure that person is held responsible for destroying three family’s lives.”

Olvin Torres Velasquez's cousin, Leslie Torres, told The Washington Post:

"It makes me happy and sad at the same time, because I know that it won’t bring him back but at least justice is being done, which is what we want."

The report from Law&Crime also stated that the group D.C. Families for Safe Streets and many victims of such violence in the district are urging lawmakers and the mayor to take action.

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