The Masked Singer episode 12: Who reached the semi-finals and who got eliminated?

1 singer got eliminated in the quarter finals (Images via Fox)
1 singer got eliminated in the quarter finals (Images via Fox)

The Masked Singer returned this week on Wednesday, May 3, at 8 pm ET. The episode featured four quarter-finalists trying to earn a spot in the semi-finals by impressing the judges and studio audience with their voices and performances. The episode was themed British Invasion Night, which meant that the competitors had to sing one British song each to gather the maximum amount of votes.

The performers who made it to the semi-finals are:

  • Macaw from group 2
  • Medusa from group 1
  • California Roll from group 1

UFO from group 3 sang Amy Winehouse's Tears Dry on Their Own and was eliminated at the end of the episode. The singer turned out to be Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo.

What happened on The Masked Singer season 9 episode 12?

Fox's description of the episode read:

"The final four compete for a spot in the coveted semifinals, performing British Invasion-themed songs."

Macaw kicked off The Masked Singer episode 12 with an amazing rendition of Elton John’s Your Song, which gave judge Jenny McCarthy the "chills." Ken called him the new frontrunner, while Nicole praised him for showing “all the colors of his heart.” For the super clue, Gerard the Butler brought an envelope that read "Leader." Macaw explained:

"Whether in the studio, on the stage or on TV, I know how to lead."

Macaw also added that performing in this competition helped him in “accepting” who he was - something he has struggled with in both his career and personal life.

California Roll sang a very harmonious version of Radiohead’s Creep, which was then transitioned into a rock anthem. Judge Jenny was blown away by their performance and she said,

"My mind is blown! Just bring out the Golden Mask Trophy right now."

Nicole praised the group of 5 by saying that together they were limitless. Their super clue read "The White House," which they explained as,

"Well, we had such a good time performing at the White House, they even gave us a standing o."

They also said that they sang to “spread love, peace and joy.”

UFO revealed that her career was mostly based on how she looked physically, so singing on The Masked Singer stage helped her realize what she had to offer. She sang Amy Winehouse’s Tears Dry On Their Own. Her super clue was a telephone. Nick answered it and the person on the other side said “Red, White and Blue.”

The UFO said that this is the “most authentic I feel I’ve ever been able to be.”

Medusa, who was saved by the bell in group 1 and has defeated other “saved” contestants, said that she manifested this experience by lighting a candle and talking to a therapist. She sang Adele’s Someone Like You. Judge Jenny praised her performance by saying,

"If she sang that in the finale, she would win."

The Masked Singer judges were very impressed by her performance and her clue read "Mom." Medusa explained"

"Being an artist is my greatest passion, but being a mom is my favorite job."

The studio audience ultimately voted out UFO, who turned out to be Olivia Culpo. No one from the judges panel was able to guess her identity.

In the next episode of The Masked Singer, which airs on Fox on Wednesday, May 10 at 8 pm ET, the three semi-finalists will once again compete against each other to earn a spot in the finals. Two singers will reach the final stage, while one performer will get eliminated.

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