NFL Players With The Most Super Bowl Wins

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Postseason games are a time of great anticipation as the top 14 teams across both Divisions fight it out for a spot in the Super Bowl. Winning the Vince Lombardi trophy is a matter of great pride for the team and also the players. The commemorative Championship ring customised for the winning team is something that cements a player’s legacy in the Super Bowl lore.

Some players like Tom Brady or Hall of Famer Charles Haley have an impressive collection of Super Bowl rings. Appearing in the Super Bowl is a great accomplishment itself but the players who make the difference in these matches go down as some of the best in history. Here is to looking back at the players with the most super bowl wins and appearances.

Players with Most Super Bowl Wins

While many players have won the Super Bowl, an elite few have featured time and again to compete for the Vince Lombardi trophy. The first name that features when Super Bowl wins are mentioned is that of Tom Brady. With 7 wins in 10 appearances, Tom Brady is the player with the most Super Bowl wins. Charles Haley comes second with 5 wins. There are multiple players with 4 Super Bowl wins. Here is a look at the list of players with the most Super Bowl wins (at least 4).

Tom Brady Quarterback7New England Patriots (6), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1)
Charles HaleyLinebacker5San Francisco 49ers (2), Dallas Cowboys (3)
Marv Fleming Tight End4Green Bay Packers (2), Miami Dolphins (2)
Ted Hendricks Linebacker4Indianapolis Colts (1), Raiders (3)
Matt MillenLinebacker4Raiders (2), San Francisco 49ers (1), Washington Redskins (1)
Bill RomanowskiLinebacker4San Francisco 49ers (2), Denver Broncos (2)
Adam VinatieriPlacekicker4New England Patriots (3), Indianapolis Colts (1)
22 Pittsburgh Players*Multiple positions4Pittsburgh Steelers (4)
6 San Francisco Players**Multiple positions4San Francisco 49ers (4)

* Pittsburgh Steelers Players- Terry Bradshaw (QB), Franco Harris (WR), Lynn Swann (WR), John Stallworth (WR), Mel Blount (DB), Jack Ham (LB), Mike Webster (C), Donnie Shell (DB), L.C. Greenwood (DE), Rocky Bleier (RB), Gerry Mullins (G), Larry Brown (TE/T), Mike Wagner (DB), JT Thomas (DB), Loren Toews (LB), Jon Kolb (T), Sam Davis (G), Steve Furness (DT), Dwitght White (DE), Randy Grossman (TE), Joe Greene (DT)

** San Franciso 49ers Players- Joe Montana (QB), Keena Turner (LB), Eric Wright (DB), Mike Wilson (WR), Ronnie Lot (DB), Jesse Sapolu (OL)

Players with most Super Bowl wins with different teams

Winning the Super Bowl with one team is a prestigious moment for any NFL player. Throughout their careers, there are many players who win the Vince Lombardi trophy more than once. Players like Tom Brady, Charles Haley and Marv Fleming are the top 3 players with the most Super Bowl wins.

However, these players have only won the Super Bowl with either one or two teams. If we have to look at the players with the most Super Bowl wins with different teams, there are only two players who feature on this list. One is linebacker Matt Millen (4 Super Bowls with 3 different teams) and the other is running back and return specialist Kenjon Barner (3 Super Bowls with 3 teams).

PlayerTeamSuper Bowl
Matt Millen - LB Los Angeles Raiders (Millen won his first Super Bowl when the Raiders were still Oakland Raiders)XV (1981), XVIII (1984)
San Francisco 49ersXXIV (1990)
Washington RedskinsXXVI (1992)
Kenjon Barner- RB and Return SpecialistPhiladelphia EaglesLII (2018)
New England PatriotsLIII (2019)
Tampa Bay BuccaneersLV (2021)

Player with consecutive back to back Super Bowl wins

There are eight teams who have won the Super Bowl back. Starting with the first instance in Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II (won by the Green Bay Packers) the latest consecutive win has been by the New England Patriots (Super Bowl XXXVIII and XXXIX).

However, only one player ever has won three consecutive Super Bowls and that is linebacker Ken Norton Jr. He won two consecutive Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys (XXVII, XXVIII). He joined the San Francisco 49ers during his first year of free agency and won the Super Bowl (XXIX) with them too.

Super BowlYearTeam
XXVII1992 season Dallas Cowboys
XXVIII1993 seasonDallas Cowboys
XXIX1994 seasonSan Francisco 49ers

Most Super Bowl Wins - Player and Coach: Which duo has won the most Super Bowls?

Bill Belichick has been the head coach of the New England Patriots since 2000. During his first year, he had drafted Tom Brady as a backup to quarterback Drew Bledsoe. The coach-quarterback duo has since made history. They are the top coach and player duo in the history of the league by a mile. Brady and Belichick enjoyed 6 Super Bowl wins together. Here are the Super Bowl wins by the duo of Belichick and Brady.

Super Bowl YearOppositionScore
XXXVI2001St. Louis Rams (now L.A. Rams)20-17
XXXVIII2003Carolina Panthers32-29
XXXIX2004Philadelphia Eagles24-21
XLIX2014Seattle Seahawks28-24
LI2016Atlanta Falcons34-28
LIII2018L.A. Rams13-3

Complete list of most Super Bowl Wins by a Quarterback

Touchdown passes can make or break a game and Super Bowls throughout the history have seen some great quarterback plays. The most successful NFL Super Bowl player ever is quarterback Tom Brady. He ranks the highest among 35 different quarterbacks who have won the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Along with Brady, there are also great names like Joe Montana and the legendary Terry Bradshaw. Here are the top 12 quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl wins.

NameNumber of Wins
Tom Brady 7
Joe Montana4
Terry Bradshaw4
Troy Aikman3
Eli Manning2
Peyton Manning2
Ben Roethlisberger2
John Elway2
Jim Plunkett 2
Bart Starr 2
Roger Staubach2
Bob Griese2

Active Players with Most Super Bowl Wins

Being the oldest player to have ever won a Super Bowl at 43, Tom Brady is still pursuing another chance to win the Vince Lombardi trophy. With 7 wins, Brady is the active player with the most Super Bowl Wins. With no other player near Brady’s record, the other active players have 3 or fewer Super Bowl wins. Most of the players have played for the New England Patriots (the most successful NFL team of the past decade) and still continue to play for them. Here are the active players with the most Super Bowl victories ( at least 2).

Player Current TeamWins
Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers7
Nate EbnerNew York Giants3
Duron HarmonAtlanta Falcons3
Dont’a HightowerNew England Patriots3
Marcus CannonHouston Texans3
Rob GronowskiTampa Bay Buccaneers3
Devin McCourtyNew England Patriots3
Matthew SlaterNew England Patriots3
Kyle Van NoyNew England Patriots2
James WhiteNew England Patriots2
David AndrewsNew England Patriots2
Malcolm BrownMiami Dolphins2
Joe CardonaNew England Patriots2
Trey FlowersDetroit Lions2
Brandon KingNew England Patriots2
Shaquille MasonNew England Patriots2
Joe ThurneyKansas City Chiefs2
Jonathan JonesNew England Patriots2
Ted KarasNew England Patriots2
Elandon RobertsMiami Dolphins2
Shaquil BarrettTampa Bay Buccaneers2
Danny AmendolaHouston Texans2
Brandon BoldenNew England Patriots2
Logan RyanNew York Giants2
Cameron FlemingDenver Broncos2

Players with the most Super Bowl Rings in NFL History

Super Bowl rings are a nice commemoration for the players who win the trophy for their team. The golden rings with diamonds on top are a nice addition to any NFL player’s collection. With each team eyeing the Super Bowl spot, the Super Bowl rings are an added bonus to the journey to Super Bowl victory. With every Super Bowl match, there are players who eagerly wait to win their first Super Bowl rings while others add to their tally. Here is a look at the players with the most Super Bowl rings.

PlayerNumber of Super Bowl Rings
Tom Brady- QB (active player)7
Charles Haley- LB 5
Ted Hendricks- LB4
Marv Fleming- TE4
Matt Millen- LB 4
Bill Romanowski- LB 4
Adam Vinatieri- K (active player)4
Joe Montana- QB4
Keena Turner- LB 4
Eric Wright- CB4
Mike Wilson- WR4
Ronnie Lott- DB4
Jesse Sapolu- OL4
Terry Bradshaw- QB 4
Franco Harris- FB4
Lynn Swann- WR4
John Stallworth- WR4
Mel Blount- DB 4
Jack Ham- LB 4
Mike Webster- C4
Donnie Shell- DB4
L.C. Greenwood- DE 4
Rocky Bleier- RB4
Gerry Mullins- G4
Larry Brown- TE/T4
Mike Wagner- DE 4
J.T. Thomas- DB4
Loren Toews- LB4
Jon Kolb- T4
Sam Davis- G4
Steve Furness - DT4
Dwight White- DE4
Randy Grossman- TE4
Joe Greene- DE4

Players with the most Super Bowl Appearances in NFL History

Not many players are fortunate enough to feature in even one Super Bowl game throughout their career. Although many make it to the playoffs, the Super Bowl spot is reserved only for a select few who grind it throughout the season and the playoff games. Only one team takes the Super Bowl victory but there are many players who have come close to it even if they haven’t won. Here is a look back at the players who have had the most Super Bowl appearances in the history of the league.

Tom Brady 10
Stephen Gostowski6
Mike Lodish6
Cornelius Bennett5
John Elway5
Teddy Bruschi5
Marv Fleming5
Larry Cole5
Charles Haley5
Cliff Harris5
DD. Lewis 5
Matt Light5
Glenn Parker5
Preston Pearson5
Bill Romanowski5
Adam Viniateri5
Charlie Waters5
Rayfield Wright5