Roger Goodell looking to suspend Alvin Kamara after $75M Saints RB maligned league’s reputation in Vegas (Exclusive)

Alvin Kamara Initial Arraignment In Court
Alvin Kamara is likely facing a big suspension

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is poised to hit star New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara with a hefty suspension. The running back was arrested for assault in Las Vegas during the 2022 Pro Bowl weekend.

A source who spoke with Sportskeeda believes a suspension is absolutely on the way for Kamara and that the Saints expect as much:

"The Saints really were not in the market for a RB until Kamara got indicted - his status for 2023 is very much up in the air. First, he has to clear himself of assault and battery charges in Nevada and then he has to clear himself with Commissioner Goodell."

He continued, saying Goodell does not appreciate when players make bad headlines. It represents the NFL poorly, so a hefty punishment can be expected:

"I know first hand that Roger [Goodell] does not like it when NFL players are in the news for negative reasons and he does not hesitate to suspend guys when they exhibit conduct detrimental to the league. Expect a 4-8 game suspension in this case. … not a matter of if, but when."

The Saints signed former Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams for three years. Williams led the league with 17 touchdowns last season.

Alvin Kamara likely to miss the start of the season

The source also mentioned that the league won't comment or make any moves on the suspension right now. The assault occurred more than a year ago, but they're letting due process take place.


Regardless of what the courts decide, though, the source believes the incident will result in a suspension for Alvin Kamara. If not a criminal charge, then it will simply be for the bad reputation he brings to the NFL.

They believe Kamara will get something longer than a four-game suspension for "conduct detrimental to the league."

The Saints added Williams to replace Alvin Kamara
The Saints added Williams to replace Alvin Kamara

The process will take some time, but probably not longer than the NFL off-season. There is almost no chance the star running back takes the field for Week 1, hence the need to add Jamaal Williams to the mix.

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