Rich Eisen believes Patrick Mahomes is emulating former Patriots QB’s path after recent remarks about his contract - “He's got Brady's in his sight”

Tom Brady (L), Rich Eisen (C) and Patrick Mahomes (R)
Rich Eisen believes Patrick Mahomes is emulating former Patriots QB Tom Brady's path after recent remarks about his contract

Rich Eisen weighed in on Patrick Mahomes and compared him to Tom Brady by saying that the former is hunting down the latter. With Tom Brady's retirement, Patrick Mahomes is now arguably the premier quarterback in the NFL with multiple Super Bowl wins.

Rich Eisen believes he has a realistic chance of catching up with the legendary former Patriots and Buccaneers QB, and in doing so, the Kansas City Chiefs superstar may choose to emulate him off the field as well as on it.

Rich Eisen qualified that Patrick Mahomes is the only person who can realistically catch Tom Brady. He said:

“Right now, as we're sitting here, there's only one guy who could be even in the area code of the galaxy to catch Tom Brady with seven Super Bowls by the end of his career and it's Patrick Mahomes. All I'm saying is this is the only guy who can have that shot."

That formed the premise of his next argument.

Rich Eisen believes Patrick Mahomes is ok with being underpaid like Tom Brady

With all the new contracts in the NFL to QBs like Deshaun Watson, Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson to name a few, Patrick Mahomes is not the highest-paid quarterback in the league.

However, Rich Eisen then quickly pivoted to how similar this is to Tom Brady. He said:

"We're already talking about taking less. Right? How many times did Brady supposedly give a discount to the Patriots this is the sort of stuff I think about when I hear him say this, it sounds just like Brady, he's got Brady's in his sights, potentially and he's also understanding the way Brady won them all is he didn't leave. He left some on the table and he left some for other people.”

Tom Brady, famously, never was the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. That allowed the New England Patriots to build a great team around him and surround him with the weapons he needed.

In doing so, they maximized his chances of winning multiple Super Bowls, which is exactly what he did. That, in turn, increased his net worth off the field.

Rich Eisen believes that Mahomes is similarly playing the long game. He is perhaps the only quarterback currently with a realistic chance of catching the seven-time Super Bowl winner and making his own case as the GOAT.

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