Free agent Isaac Rochell addresses rumors after wife Allison dropped truth bombs on TikTok - "Doesn't mean I'm retiring"

Isaac Rochell addresses free agency rumors
Isaac Rochell addresses free agency rumors

Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell are no strangers to NFL free agency. With the couple leading a somewhat 'normal' life with regard to Rochell's NFL career, there have been constant questions about Rochell's future in the NFL.

While Rochell has been in the NFL for seven years, the couple have become TikTok stars with millions of followers. By creating content regularly, they continue to explore social media with new ideas. Allison has over two million followers, and Rochell follows closely with his 1.7 million followers.

In a recent TikTok, the former Los Angeles Chargers star spoke about his NFL career, addressing retirement rumors.

"I see my wife's video about me not being signed. Doesn't mean I'm not going to play. Doesn't mean I'm retiring. It just means I haven't signed yet".

Rochell went on with his day, speaking about new business ventures/ideas and how he is managing his life off the field.

Allison, who posted a video about free agency, went into details about the actual struggle of waiting around.

"I understand the comments. 'Don't get your hopes up. Your husband isn't very good. Time to look for a real job now'. My husband will be entering his seventh season in the NFL, meaning we've been through this process a few times."

As per Allison, everyone is so used to success stories in the league that they forget to see what normal NFL careers usually look like. Apparently, an average player only plays for about two and a half years in the league. Considering Rochell's career, it has been a seemingly normal journey for the two.

Isaac Rochell at a Carolina Panthers v Los Angeles Chargers game
Isaac Rochell at a Carolina Panthers v Los Angeles Chargers game

Isaac Rochell on rising to TikTok fame with wife Allison Kuch

Despite their regular videos and love for the content, Isaac Rochell wasn't completely sold on interacting earlier:

“My wife started posting and I was like, I don’t know if I want to be on the Internet like dancing and doing all of these corny things, so I let her do it."

Eventually, a nighttime routine he posted gained more interaction than expected.

As they kept leaning into it, the couple ended up where they are now. Combined, the couple has around four million followers.

Of course, Isaac Rochell's journey in the NFL isn't decorated with accolades. Drafted in 2017, he was in LA for four years before he signed with the Indianapolis Colts. In 2022, he played for two teams: the Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Raiders. During his career, he played 70 NFL games in total, starting in 10 of them.

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