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As the 2024 NFL Draft inches closer, the teams are gearing up to add fresh talent to their squads. The NFL Draft signals that teams will start to gear up for the new season and how they can shape their squads better. The considerable pool of college football players enter the NFL Draft with the hopes of making it to the big league. A player must either be a redshirt sophomore, junior, or senior to be eligible for the NFL Draft. Once a player declares for the draft they cannot go back to play college football again.

Sportskeeda presents to you the 2024 NFL Mock Draft Simulator. The NFL Mock Draft simulator is one of the best fantasy draft tools to help you gain an understanding of how the real 2024 NFL Draft pick might work out. Let us take a look into what the NFL Mock Draft Simulator is and how you can use it.

What is a Mock NFL Draft?

A mock NFL Draft is a fantasy tool which emulates how the NFL Draft might pan out. It takes into account all the players in all positions who have entered the NFL Draft. The player ratings and their scout rankings are also considered by the simulator which provides the best possible draft picks for each team. The mock NFL Draft is a simulator which helps you speculate the NFL Draft and which college football player may end up joining your favorite NFL team.

The NFL Mock Draft is very useful for fantasy football players. The NFL mock draft can alert a fantasy football player whether a draft pick is going higher or lower than expected. This helps them assess what the value of a certain player might be, which further helps in their team selection. The mock draft is one of the most useful simulation tools for football fans and analysts alike. Although draft analysts rely on a number of observations and statistics to analyze how a draft may turn out, the NFL Draft simulator only assists in their analysis.

Check out the 2024 NFL Mock Draft Simulator and see how draft results turn out for your favorite team!

How to use the 2024 NFL Mock Draft Simulator?

Sportskeeda's NFL Mock Draft Simulator is the go-to tool for NFL draft projections. The NFL Mock Draft simulator from Sportskeeda is fairly simple to use. You can follow these easy steps and get your mock draft results in a jiffy:

    • The Mock Draft Simulator presents you with the option of selecting any of the 32 NFL teams. You can select 1 or more teams with the option of selecting the Draft projections for all 32 teams too.

    • Once you select the desired teams for the mock draft simulation, there is an option for the Rounds for which you want the simulation to run. You have the option of selecting simulations for the 1st Round of the Draft till the 7th Round of the Draft.

    • Once you decide the number of Rounds for which you want the draft simulation to run, you also need to select the speed of the draft simulation.

    • There are three options for the speed of the Draft simulation; Slow, Normal, and Fast. The Slow simulation speed provides the most accurate draft projections while the Fast speed can be used for a quick glance at how the Draft projections might look for your favorite team.

    • Once you are done making your desired selections all you need to do is click on 'Draft Now' and let the simulator do its magic!

    • When your turn for the Draft pick comes around, you have the option of drafting any of the available players, the player you feel to be the best choice for your team/teams.

    • To draft a player, you can go through all the players who are listed as per their position on the right side of the simulator. Once you find the player of your choice, all you have to do is click on 'Draft' and the player is drafted to your desired team.

    • The entire Draft result along with your selections are shown at the end of the mock draft.

With the NFL Draft Simulator, you can take reign as the General Manager of your favorite team. The Simulator also has an option for you to Trade!

Just like the real NFL Draft, the mock simulator presents you with Draft Pick trade options while the Draft simulation is ongoing. The simulator shows you the trade offers which your team has received from other teams. If the offer is suitable you can click “Accept”, if not you have the option to “Reject” the deal.

If you run all 7 Rounds of the Draft Simulation, you will get to experience the real 2024 NFL Draft from the position of a general manager. Go ahead and tinker with the best team possibilities for your favorite teams or have a peek at how the 2024 NFL Draft might turn out.

Happy simulating, GM!