Vladimir Putin’s Health Update: Is He Unwell?? ??

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin's health update (Photo via Instagram/_vladimir_putin)

Russian President Vladimir Putin's health has come under the public eye, with experts claiming he's seriously ill and suffering from severe health conditions.

As per various reports, Putin is battling cancer and suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and his health is deteriorating rapidly.

Vladimir Putin's health update

Putin’s health claims came after the Russian President canceled the annual press conference. The cancellation, which was announced by Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, was the first time in ten years, and led to reports that Putin may be unwell.

Another report from Valery Solovey, a political analyst, suggests that Putin's health may be deteriorating because of different health diseases, such as schizoaffective disorder and cancer. These claims have intensified since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and several insiders have come forward to confirm these rumors.

What do insiders claim about Putin’s health?

According to an email sent to the Sun by a Russian security insider, Putin is suffering from an early stage of Parkinson’s disease and is also on painkillers and steroids to manage the pain. Insiders also claim that the Russian President is undergoing other medical treatments for pancreatic cancer and is suffering from prostate cancer too.

Recently, the SVR Telegram channel, which is known to be run by a former Russian spy, claimed that Putin’s health has deteriorated so much that he has lost 18 lbs and is also suffering from constant coughing fits. The channel claimed that body doubles have been used in several instances to hide Putin’s health.

A while ago, in a meeting with Belarusian president, Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin was seen shaking heavily and had a coughing episode. His legs were shaking and trembling, and he had to hold on to the podium for support.

On April 21, with a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Putin looked bloated and was seen slouching on a chair. As per reports, the Russian President appeared to be lacking in energy and also looked pale.

Putin's health: injured himself in early December 2022

Putin attending a meeting. (Photo via Instagram/_vladimir_putin)
Putin attending a meeting. (Photo via Instagram/_vladimir_putin)

Putin also injured himself after he fell off the stairs at his residence in Moscow in early December 2022, giving rise to rumors about his deteriorating health. While the President was immediately helped by his guards, the impact caused him to involuntarily defecate due to medications affecting his bowel system.

Various media reports have emerged recently suggesting that Putin is planning to quit in January 2023 amid rumors about his health. However, the speculation was laid off by Putin’s staff thereafter.

While all these rumors about Putin's health have intensified since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, various medical experts have denied the aforementioned claims. The Kremlin, meanwhile, has also disputed all rumors regarding Putin’s health.

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