"Sounds like an Applebee's menu" - Fans react to The Masters 2023 dinner menu

The  Masters 2023 Dinner Menu announced
The Masters 2023 dinner menu announced

During The Masters, which many people think is the best golf tournament in the world, you can't miss the Champions Dinner. The reigning champion gets to select the dishes that will be served at the celebratory luncheon held in their honor each year. Opinions regarding the 2023 menu that are split between those who like it and others who do not enjoy it are common.

Sounds like an Applebee's menu

At the Champions Dinner, the winner of this year's Masters tournament, Scottie Scheffler, took several actions that caused some controversy. Several people, both supporters and critics, pointed out right away that the menu looked like it came from a chain restaurant like Applebee's or TGI Friday's. On the menu, there is a choice between having a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, a lobster mac and cheese, a filet mignon, or a Caesar salad.

@TheMasters Looks & sounds like an Applebee’s menu ?. Applebees’s at Augusta… a tradition unlike any other.

Some of the guests at the restaurant were relieved that Scheffler went with a tried-and-true dish, while others were disappointed that he did not go with something more innovative. A few of the visitors commented that the food was uninteresting and tasteless.

Reaction from the sports world

The Champions Banquet for 2023 has generated a great deal of excitement in the realm of sports. A good number of golfers who have previously won the Masters are fans of Scheffler's supper menu.

A fan tweeted and praised the menu, saying,

@TheMasters Elite menu choices here.

Yet, not every golfer shared the same level of enthusiasm. According to another fan,

@TheMasters Looks like the Cheesecake Factory menu ???.

Others likewise had a lot to say in relation to the lunch in general. The internet was flooded with people's opinions when several people said that the dinner menu appeared to be from a well-known chain restaurant like Applebee's or Outback Steakhouse. Others concurred with Scheffler's decision regarding the meal because it was a classic, well-known dish that the vast majority of individuals would take pleasure in eating.

There was criticism as well as praise for the menu. A fan tweeted and expressed his interest in it, saying,

Background on the Champions Dinner

Every year since 1952, the Masters' Champions Luncheon has been held. The current Masters champion selects the dish that all past champions consume. The dinner on Tuesday preceding the event was one of the nicest portions of the week.

The Champions Banquet has provided a variety of delicious dishes over the years. Tiger Woods consumed cheeseburgers, french fries, and milkshakes in 1997. Sergio Garcia dined on Gazpacho, an omelet created with Spanish ingredients, and a selection of Spanish cheeses in 2017.

The food at the Champions Banquet is meant to show off the culinary skills and style of the current champion. Some champions enjoy eating large, gourmet meals, but others prefer basic meals.


Although the food at the 2023 Champions Banquet has been the subject of debate and different points of view, it is important to remember that it reflects Scottie Scheffler's tastes and style. Some of Scheffler's followers and reviewers did not enjoy the menu, but the vast majority did. The Champions Banquet is a celebration of past winners and what they have done. The dinner meal is just one part of this.

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