Epic Games released Fortnite balance changes, buffing Combat Shotgun, and nerfing Reality Augments

Epic Games released several balance changes to Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Battle Royale just received more balance changes. Epic Games released these modifications with a small patch on Thursday, March 16, changing several weapons in the game.

Chapter 4 Season 2 was released last Friday, yet many players have complained about certain weapons. The latest patch is meant to bring balance to the video game and make certain items more effective.

Latest Fortnite patch buffed the Combat Shotgun

Combat Shotgun was nerfed with the latest balance patch (Image via Epic Games)
Combat Shotgun was nerfed with the latest balance patch (Image via Epic Games)

The Combat Shotgun was first released in Season 9 of the popular video game. What makes this weapon unique is its rapid fire rate and its extended range. The shotgun has been vaulted several times, but it returned in Chapter 4 Season 2.

Epic Games felt that the weapon wasn't as strong as it was meant to be, so it was buffed with the latest update. The damage per pellet has increased, so the Combat Shotgun will be stronger against both players and structures.

We've deployed a balance hotfix!Weapon Improvements:? Combat Shotgun's damage per pellet increased.? Dragon's Breath Sniper's rate of fire increased.? Fixed an issue where the Havoc Suppressed AR had perfect accuracy while sliding.(1/2)

Epic has also buffed the Dragon's Breath Sniper Rifle. The Exotic weapon now shoots faster, but it's still one of the rarest weapons available at the moment.

The sniper rifle can only be obtained from Holo-Chests and requires two unlocking keys. Keys can be found randomly across the island, but they can also be purchased from CRZ-8, an NPC found at Bamboo Circle, north of Mega City.

The latest Fortnite patch also includes a fix for the glitch that made the Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle 100% accurate while sliding.

Two Reality Augments have been nerfed with the latest Fortnite patch (Image via Epic Games)
Two Reality Augments have been nerfed with the latest Fortnite patch (Image via Epic Games)

The latest Fortnite balance patch has also reduced the effectiveness of several Reality Augments. Players will no longer get a 33% magazine increase with the Medium Ammo Amp augment as the bonus has decreased to 20%.

In Chapter 4 Season 2, players can obtain medium bullets while sliding with the Munitions Slide perk. However, Epic Games has reduced the rate at which ammo is granted with this perk. The augment is still effective, however, and is perfect for those who use assault rifles and DMR.

Finally, the game development team fixed a bug that caused the Chug Cannon to have a faster recharge when obtained with the Chug Gunner perk.

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