Fortnite nerfs building massively after v24.40 update

Although building in Fortnite has been massively nerfed, it
Although building in Fortnite has been massively nerfed, it's not all that bad (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)

Building in Fortnite has been massively nerfed, and not everyone is happy about it. Following the update v24.40, the total number of materials players can carry at any given time in-game has been reduced. The max amount of materials has been reduced to 500 from the original 999. Since box-fights require many resources, this is a major blow on many levels.

However, to counteract the available material count, the farming rate has been increased by 30%. In theory, this will allow Fortnite players to resupply their materials faster than before and ensure to be maxed out at all times. Despite these changes, the fact remains that lowering the overall material capacity will have implications in-game.

The good and the bad of building nerf in Fortnite v24.40

The max amount of resources you can carry seems to be reduced to 500. And resources farming rate has been increased by 30%

While there are obviously downsides to limiting the total number of materials players can carry, it's not all that bad. Despite many claiming that it will ruin gameplay, it shouldn't affect casual players who build for fun or overbuild at times. Given that competitive players have their entire game strategy planned out before even starting a match, this is but a speed bump in their way.

They will adjust to building more judiciously and only use materials when needed the most. With the 30% increase, collecting materials to replenish supplies will not take long. If anything, players can now focus on the game more than harvesting resources. And with each elimination granting the player 50 materials of each type, it's a very sustainable way to keep them at max capacity.

Nevertheless, given that the drop from 999 to 500 is massive in its own right and applies to even the Ranked Mode, not everyone is impressed by it. Many support this change made by Epic Games, while others outright hate it and state that it was not necessary. That said, here are a few comments from fans:

@HYPEX Good. Tired of kids spam building when I make them weak. Now you gotta play smart & conservative. I like it tbh
@HYPEX thats so sad
@HYPEX This is actually a big W believe it or not. It’ll for people to get better rather than spamming so much builds
@HYPEX damn so comp ain’t comp no more it’s just pubs damn it is what it is man
@HYPEX ‘And resources farming rate has been increased by 30%,’ Massive W
@HYPEX I’ve heard this so many times before I don’t even know if it happened previously because it literally made no difference, especially now with katana/ odm
@HYPEX I see this as a win

The comments show that the community has been split down the middle regarding how they feel about this major change. That said, if the feedback leans more towards the negative side of things, Epic Games will definitely revert these changes or, at the very least, increase the material limit. But if nothing else, wood and stone should be plentiful for the duration of Fortnite Chapter 4.

In v24.30 we fixed an issue where some Large Rocks on the Battle Royale Island were not providing many materials.However, we're aware of reports that not all Rocks were fixed in this update, and we're investigating a fix for those as well. We'll provide more info when we have… 迟飞颈迟迟别谤.肠辞尘/颈/飞别产/蝉迟补迟耻蝉/1…

Given that a new Jungle/Tropical Biome is slated to be added to the island, wood should be abundant. In fact, the stone should be easy to come by as well. As long as the number of materials dropped by big rocks work as intended, things should be fine. That said, while the change may not be the best, it may be for the better.

Implementing new rules and introducing new norms occasionally is good in the grand scheme of things. While older Fortnite players will take some time adjusting to them, newcomers will not have an issue. With all that being said, it's left to be seen how things progress and how well these changes work.

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