Warzone 2 St. Patrick’s Day event: Where to get the one-shot sniper loadout from golden crates?

Warzone 2 celebrates St. Patrick
Warzone 2 celebrates St. Patrick's Day with secret one-shot sniper (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in a truly unique way with a limited-time event (LTE). Players can find a special weapon from a secret location when dropping into Al Mazrah’s Battle Royale and Resurgence mode on Ashika Island.

They can find a one-shot sniper loadout from a set of golden crates. The special part of the entire event is that these will not be marked on the map. Instead, a huge random rainbow will appear in every match and point towards the location of these limited-time event crates.

This article will outline the best way to locate them in Warzone 2.

Fastest way to find the Shillelagh sniper in Warzone 2


Activision is focused heavily on providing the best playable content throughout Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2's lifetime. The latest limited-time event in the battle royale is being held to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and is live throughout all the maps and modes - DMZ, Battle Royale, and Resurgence.

Players will notice that the matches contain a massive rainbow on the maps. These are random and change places for every other lobby. Players can traverse to the ends of the phenomenon and truly find a “pot of gold.” The reward for getting there will help them locate a collection of golden crates that contain ungodly amounts of loot.

Where to find


The rainbow on the map is quite easy to spot as it remains in the sky with vibrant tones. Players can spot its direction before deploying from the plane itself and mark the approximate area where it ends.

Finding the set of golden crates is not an easy task as enemy operators will also try to secure the loot for themselves. The end of the rainbow does not touch the ground and ends mid-air in Warzone 2. Thus, players will have to search the surroundings to get their hands on the high-tier loot.

While opening the golden crates, they will find loot like gas masks, self-revive kits, killstreaks, and a very special version of the Victus XMR sniper rifle. The golden-green blueprint of the Victus XMR is called “Shillelagh,” and can knock down enemies from any range.

Players can even shoot at the foot to down a three-plated enemy operator. The blueprint is currently not available for custom loadouts and can only be used in the matches it is found in. The weapon will also be available in online DMZ sessions as all maps are hosting this event.


The introduction of a one-shot sniper from the developers hints that a mode with such snipers may be in the works. Be sure to follow Sportskeeda for the latest updates.

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