Leaked Fontaine characters hinted to be playable as Genshin Impact restricts those names for Wanderer

An example of a name that got rejected
An example of a name that got rejected (Image via HoYoverse)

When setting a moniker for the Wanderer in Genshin Impact, players normally cannot name him after important in-game characters, including future playable units from Fontaine. If Travelers still try to give him their names, they will see this message: "Name unavailable." It is important to note that this feature applies to all languages. However, this article will solely focus on the English aliases that one can't use.

As Though Morning Dew is the Archon Quest where players can name Wanderer in Genshin Impact. Alternatively, they can use the An Appellative Stroke item to rename him once. The following Reddit post shows several examples of monikers that the former Fatui Harbinger won't accept in a similar vein to current playable characters.

Genshin Impact Fontaine character leaks: The following names cannot be given to the Wanderer

Here is a list of names tested in the above Reddit post that Wanderer won't accept:

  • Charlotte
  • Wriothesley
  • Freminet
  • Chiori
  • Skirk
  • Furina

Most of these characters come from Fontaine, with them also being leaked to be playable sometime in a future patch. Some Redditors also confirm that naming Wanderer after a future entity will eventually get HoYoverse to message them about changing it, as shown below.

Hence, it would seem as though HoYoverse periodically updates Genshin Impact to make Wanderer check if any future playable characters have names he's allowed to use.

The rest of this article will include mentions of who the upcoming entities are for reference's sake.

Who is Charlotte?

This is Charlotte (Image via HoYoverse)
This is Charlotte (Image via HoYoverse)

Charlotte is a reporter from Fontaine who works for The Steambird. She plays a role in the Genshin Impact 3.7 main event titled Duel! The Summoners' Summit! She has been leaked to be a Cryo Catalyst user.

Who is Wriothesley?

@Nadezhda_Nagito Its too early but he is Cryo rn

Not much is known about Wriothesley at the moment, but current Genshin Impact leaks suggest he's a Cryo user. Some old rumors also hinted at him having a design somewhat reminiscent of Pokemon's Zoroark, but there is little else to reference here.

Who is Freminent?

Freminet was leaked to be a 4-star Cryo Claymore user who comes from Fontaine. This tweet above is the highest-quality image of his render currently available. This entity is known to be a diver.

Who is Chiori?

Step into the fashionable world of Chiori, the esteemed researcher and designer renowned for her expertise in fabric and color. Nestled within her store in Fontaine, she unveils a treasure trove of exquisite textiles and shares her unparalleled tailoring skills.

Chiori is somebody heavily involved in fashion who has a store in Fontaine. Kirara even references this character in one of her voice-overs, stating that the entity often researches fabrics and color palettes.

Who is Skirk?


There are rumors that Skirk is Captain R, but nothing is confirmed yet. Otherwise, Childe references her in his voice-over, mentioning that she was his master and could beat him with just one hand. Tartaglia is known to be powerful, so somebody easily besting him in canon lore must suggest that Skirk is very strong.

It is currently unknown where this entity comes from in Genshin Impact.

Who is Furina?

What if I tell you that Focalors name is Furina ?

Furina is the Hydro Archon, also known as Focalors. Team China reported that her name was originally Finina. However, Wanderer accepts Finina, whereas he doesn't do the same for Furina. Hence, the latter is likely the Hydro Archon's real name.

It will be interesting to see what new words are added to Wanderer's list of aliases he cannot use in future updates. Travelers can then check if a character will be playable or not if the current pattern continues.

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