"Were you in the meeting with us?" - Grace Van Dien hits back at FaZe Rain for his contentious remarks about her joining FaZe Clan

Grace Van Dien responded to FaZe Rain
Grace Van Dien responded to FaZe Rain's controversial remarks (Images via Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain/Twitter)

Popular Twitch streamer and actress Grace Van Dien has responded to Nordan "FaZe Rain's" contentious remarks about her joining FaZe Clan. For context, on May 21, 2023, FaZe Rain leaked that Van Dien was the organization's next addition. He added that her appearance in Stranger Things was the "only reason" he heard about the signing:

@FaZeClan Spoiler alert it’s Grace and the only reasoning I heard was cuz she was on one episode of stranger things ?

The YouTuber later claimed that his post was not intended to be an "offense" to Van Dien and that the singing was an "entirely political move":

@JakeSucky Of course, I posted on my IG story it’s not offense to her idk her. This is entirely a political move tho by them to get sponsorships by having women. Not because it’s the right thing to do haha. I also looked her @ up w FaZe. Her name has never been in conversation with FaZe on… 迟飞颈迟迟别谤.肠辞尘/颈/飞别产/蝉迟补迟耻蝉/1…

During a livestream earlier today, Van Dien hit back at FaZe Rain by asking him if he was present at the contract signing meeting. She added:

"... For me, signing with FaZe is because FaZe Rain said that the only reason I was signed with FaZe is because I was in Stranger Things. Umm... I'm sorry, sir. Were you in the meeting with us? Were you there? No! I've never f**king met you!"
Drama Alert's tweet featuring the streamers' feud (Image via @DramaAlert/Twitter)
Drama Alert's tweet featuring the streamers' feud (Image via @DramaAlert/Twitter)

Stranger Things actress and Twitch streamer Grace Van Dien slams FaZe Rain for his controversial take on her joining FaZe Clan

Grace Van Dien officially joined FaZe Clan on May 25, 2023. After the announcement, she took to Twitter to thank her streamer buddies, including Rachell "Valkyrae," Imane "Pokimane," Jeremy "Disguised Toast," and others:

hello @FaZeClan !!! special thanks to my friends Joseph Quinn, @Valkyrae, @DisguisedToast, @pokimanelol, @Amouranth, @Sykkuno and @tarik !!! and of course my dad @caspervandien - Very excited for this chapter!

On the same day, Van Dien addressed the recent controversy surrounding FaZe Rain and his decision to leak her signing. In reference to the debacle, she slammed the former COD trick-shooter, claiming that she had never met him.

The actress then provided details about her meeting with FaZe Clan, which resulted in her signing:

"And, that is not why they signed me. Like, that is definitely how I got the meetings. Yes! I will definitely give that credit, how I got the meeting. But, that is absolutely not... why I was signed."

The minute-long clip concluded with Van Dien adding:

"Things that we spoke about in the meeting are... why... so, get f**king wrecked... to everyone saying that."

Netizens react to the streamers' beef

As expected, Grace Van Dien's response to FaZe Rain's comments elicited a lot of reactions on Twitter. Here's what netizens had to say about the streamers' beef:

@DramaAlert She missed the entire point then proceeded to prove his point by saying that she got the interview by playing in the show ?
@DramaAlert Isn't it crazy how without faze rain shed never be in this position in the first place...
@DramaAlert Who gonna tell her she’s proving rains point

Grace Van Dien is known as "Bluefille" on Twitch. She joined the Amazon-owned platform in May 2021 and currently boasts 326,469 followers. She is primarily a Valorant streamer, having racked up 398 hours of playtime at the time of writing.

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