Twitter user accuses Kai Cenat of "scamming" them for "100+ ideas" and not paying for it, streamer responds

Kai Cenat made headlines after a Twitter user accused him of "scamming" them (Image via Kai Cenat/Twitch)
Kai Cenat made headlines after a Twitter user accused him of "scamming" them (Image via Kai Cenat/Twitch)

On May 26, 2023, a Twitter user by the name @itslclc accused Twitch star Kai Cenat of "scamming" them. They claimed to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with Cenat and Dremo, for which the latter set up a Discord server and requested that the Twitter user create a document. According to @itslcl, the streamers allegedly made them write "100+" ideas and "promised" to pay $150 for each one.

They also shared a series of screenshots from their conversation with the internet personalities:

Dremo and Kai Cenat scammed me lemme explain I was given the opportunity to work with Kai by Dremo which I accepted and he made a discord with other people that was Part of the idea group made a google sheet made us write 100+ ideas on it and promise us 150+ each for each idea.

"Bro, that n**** is not paying, y'all need to move on" - Contents of Discord conversation in which Dreamo and Kai Cenat asked a Twitter user to create a document consisting of "100+ ideas"

The first screenshot showed a conversation from April 2, 2023, in which Dremo asked the Twitter user to keep a record of ideas and said he would set up a meeting. Dremo went on to say that he would be in charge of "creative direction" for "every top streamer":

"I'm going to run the creative direction behind every top streamer. And I need a team of people who are serious about wanting to make something in the content space or just social media, in general. I'm 17 and projected to make $3.6 million a year, off internet money this year."

In the second screenshot, Dremo requested help from @itslclc during Kai Cenat's Mafiathon subathon. The former also claimed that he would "hear something" from the New Yorker about the payment:

"Guys, help throughout this subathon. And I should hear something from Kai about (the) payment, and if you guys do well, and I see you guys (are) doing good, I can discuss a weekly payout based off work done."

The final two screenshots showed a conversation from May 25, 2023, in which the Twitter user said that they had not been paid. Responding to this, Dremo wrote:

"Bro, that n**** is not paying, y'all need to move on. Okay, I didn't get paid, either."

Kai Cenat responds to the "scamming" allegations

During a livestream earlier today (May 26, 2023), fans urged Kai Cenat to look at the aforementioned social media updates. After reading it, the 21-year-old was taken aback and began going through the Discord conversations. When Cenat saw that his subathon was mentioned, he revealed that Dremo assisted him with his e-dating content:

"Okay, if this is creative ideas behind the subathon, this is cap! It's cap! It's cap! Me and (Kai Cenat's associate) sat down through for ideas for subathon. Booked everything in January and it's executed. Okay? Dremo, shout-out to Dremo, Dremo helped me with my e-dates. Y'all know what I do with Dremo. You know what I'm saying? Dremo helps me with my e-dates. Okay?"

Continuing further, Kai Cenat confirmed Dremo's statement that he was assembling a "creative team":

"I remember Dremo telling me he's going to put together a creative team. Yes! I can admit that. I remember him saying he's putting together a creative team. For sure! Yes! He did say that."

Timestamp: 01:02:25

However, the Streamer of the Year claimed that he did not use the idea presented by the Twitter user in the document:

"But chat, as far as I recall, I do not remember one... I remember... do I have any ideas? I know, I haven't used any ideas. For sure! On everything I love, I remember, I haven't used any ideas."

A few moments later, Kai Cenat read Dremo's message, in which he implied that the former would not be paying and that @itslclc should "move on." The content creator's response to this statement was:

"Okay, first of all... one, I need to know what idea you guys gave me and I did. Okay? Because, on everything I love, I can read out the ideas right now! (The streamer starts listing out the content and ideas he has done in the past)"

Online community reacts to the streamer controversy

The streamer controversy was shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, and the conversation thread attracted a couple of reactions. Here's what the Reddit community had to say:

Reddit community shares their thoughts on Kai Cenat being accused of "scamming" a Twitter user (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Reddit community shares their thoughts on Kai Cenat being accused of "scamming" a Twitter user (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

One Redditor, who claimed to have worked in the creative industry, stated that situations like this are a common occurrence. Another community member suggested that "most streamers" get free ideas from sources such as Discord, Twitch chat, and Reddit.

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