Kai Cenat speaks about Adin Ross missing out on Streamer Awards nomination, says the latter deserves “recognition”

Kai Cenat wants “recognition” for Adin Ross (Image via Sportskeeda)
Kai Cenat wants “recognition” for Adin Ross. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat recently weighed in on Adin Ross not receiving any nominations at the recently concluded Streamer Awards, which was hosted by fellow streamer Blaire "QTCinderella."

Adin's absence could be due to his Twitch ban and past controversies. It's worth noting that Twitch typically doesn't allow banned streamers to appear on other creators' streams, which could have also adversely affected Adin's chances of being nominated for an award.

Twitch star Kai Cenat stated in his stream that Adin should have received "recognition" for his contribution to the streaming community. Kai Cenat noted that Adin has caused a massive shift in the industry and his impact should not be overlooked.

“I really wish Adin got some type of recognition… Are y’all not remembering shift he put on streaming” Kai Cenat speaks on Adin Ross not receiving any recognition during The Streamer Awards. His chat seemed to disagree ?

Kai Cenat gives his take on the Streamer Awards snubbing Adin Ross

Kai Cenat recently advocated for Adin Ross on his stream, stating that the contentious streamer should have received a nomination at the Streamer Awards despite his past controversies and recent ban from Twitch.

Kai acknowledged that Adin might not have a spotless record but asserted that his impact on the streaming community should not be ignored. He argued that Adin deserved at least one nomination, if not an award, for the "shift" he had caused.

"You know what I wish though chat? And despite like, so much has happened, or how people put him in sh*t, I just really wished that like Adin would get like some type of recognition."

(Timestamp: 02:05:13)

After many viewers expressed their disagreement in chat, Kai said:

"No? Chat, ya'll saying, 'F this' and 'F that' or 'F**k no' but chat, y'all not remembering like the shift the ni**a like put on streaming? No matter how you were to paint the ni**a..."

What Twitterati said about the clip

The clip was shared by a verified Adin Ross fan page on Twitter, and many of the comments recognized the streamer's contribution to the growth of the W/L community on Twitch. Here are some notable reactions:

@AdinUpdatess The W/L community would be nothing without him
@AdinUpdatess Ngl hate on him as much as you want, @adinross did something HUGE for twitch and streaming. And now Kick. He does deserve recognition For Sure.
@AdinUpdatess W Kai L Kai Mafia
@AdinUpdatess his chat is such a L they switched up so fast
@AdinUpdatess adin never gets his flowers fr

For those unaware, Adin Ross is serving yet another ban from the purple platform, his eighth ban overall as of February 26, 2023.

Although the exact reason for the ban remains unconfirmed, it was widely speculated that Adin streaming adult content on his channel from streaming platform was what broke Twitch's Terms of Service. Another possible explanation is his unmoderated chat on, which included hateful slurs and racial remarks.

Despite being suspended from the Amazon-owned platform, Adin signed an extravagant deal with Kick recently, which he described as the biggest ever among streamers. To read more about the story, click here.

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