When HOFer Chipper Jones blasted Freddie Freeman for a dramatic showdown over the Atlanta Braves negotiations

World Baseball Classic Pool C: Canada v Colombia
World Baseball Classic Pool C: Canada v Colombia. Freddie Freeman #5 of Team Canada removes his batting helmet after the final out in the second inning of the World Baseball Classic Pool C game against Team Colombia at Chase Field on March 14, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)

Freddie Freeman left the Atlanta Braves organization in 2021. The first baseman debuted his MLB career with the Braves in 2010 and stayed with them for 11 years.

In 2021, Freeman and his agent asked the Braves for a six-year deal. The franchise first presented him with a $125 million contract, and then with a $140 million contract for five years. Both contracts were rejected as Freeman wanted a six-year deal and he left the organization because of it.

Many fans were saddened by the news and wanted the player to stay with the Braves. But it seems that not only fans but former Atlanta Braves player Chipper Jones also chipped in with his thoughts on the matter.

Chipper said the following in an interview:

“If you want to play in Atlanta, then you play in Atlanta. You maybe take a little less to be happy and play in a place that is comfortable to you.”

He added:

"I told Freddie this, but I have no problem telling everybody this, including Freddie: I do not agree with the way that this was handled on Freddie’s side”

Chipper continued:

“If you want to play in Atlanta, then you play in Atlanta. You maybe take a little less to be happy and play in a place that is comfortable to you".

Freddie Freeman wanted to continue his time with the Braves, but due to contract issues, they cut ties. However, Freeman still harbors warm feelings toward the players and fans of his previous team. The first baseman signed a six-year deal worth $162 million with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

When the agent of Freddie Freeman came to his defense regarding nasty rumors against him

World Baseball Classic Pool C: Great Britain v Canada
World Baseball Classic Pool C: Great Britain v Canada

When Freddie Freeman left the Braves and became a part of the Dodgers, many Braves fans felt betrayed.

This then led to a lot of speculation about the transfer. Many were harsh in nature and bashed Freeman's character. To put a stop to the rumors, Casey Close, Freeman's agent, put out the following statement:

"I will not stand by as the circumstances surrounding Freddie Freeman's departure from Atlanta are mischaracterized. Since March, the Braves have fostered a narrative about the negotiations which, stated plainly, is false".

He added:

"Part of that false narrative is the suggestion that I did not communicate a contract offer to the Freemans. To be clear, we communicated every offer that was made, as well as every communication Excel had with the Braves organization throughout the entire process"

Freddie Freeman was traded to the Dodgers, but the Atlanta Braves also got Matt Olson in exchange before he signed the deal. The first baseman was admittedly hurt by the move.

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