What did John Kruk say? Phillies announcer's on-air rant goes viral

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John Kruk : Phillies announcer's on-air rant goes viral

During Wednesday's game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Arizona Diamondbacks, broadcaster and baseball hall of famer John Kruk criticized MLB's recent rule revisions.

Kruk, a Philadelphia Phillies icon, is known for being a funny, lively, and outspoken person. He has never shied away from speaking his mind about a matter, whether it be on the field or in the booth.

On Wednesday, during the Phillies' game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the former major leaguer, who is now an analyst for NBC Sports Philadelphia, let the world know exactly how he was feeling.

There was a lengthy hold-up at the plate when the game entered extra innings and was tied 5-5. D-backs pinch hitter Josh Rojas and home plate umpire Josh Valentine had a conversation at the plate while the Phillies broadcaster was confused about what was happening.

"What a joke! What a circus this game's turned into," John Kruk said. "What the hell's Kimbrel supposed to do? This is a joke... keep making up rules until no one knows what's going on."

Listen to his full rant in the video below:

John Kruk has had enough of the new rules. "Ah dear crap almighty!""What a joke! What a circus this game's turned into!""What the hell's Kimbrel supposed to do? This is a joke... keep making up rules until no one knows what's going on." ????

The new rule modifications have generally been well-received by players and spectators. In a shorter amount of time, it generates greater action. However, the new regulations have also been the subject of criticism, including from Kruk, who is renowned for being as traditional as they come.

John Kruk's net worth and career

Kruk's net worth is not known with certainty. However, it is estimated to be around $25 million. This estimate accounts for the money he made as a player, via sponsorships, and as a sports commentator after retiring.

In the third round of the 1981 MLB Draft, Kruk was selected by the San Diego Padres, beginning his career as a professional baseball player. He joined the Padres in 1986 and played for them until 1989. Kruk was a rookie player who had a minimum wage while playing for the Padres.

Kruk was dealt to the Philadelphia Phillies in 1989, where he made the biggest contribution of his career. His engaging attitude and great on-field ability led to him soon becoming a fan favorite. Kruk had a significant role in the Phillies' success, particularly in their World Series run of 1993.

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