Why was Aaron Boone removed vs Blue Jays? Yankees manager ejected towards end of game

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
Aaron Boone, manager of the New York Yankees yells in the face of home plate umpire Clint Vondrak during their MLB game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre on May 15th. [Source: Getty Images]

Aaron Boone was ejected in the eighth inning in the game against the Toronto Blue Jays by plate umpire Clint Vondark for arguing a strike call made against captain Aaron Judge. Boone left the dugout and expressed his frustration to the umpire, leading to his ejection from the game.

Boone later revealed that he had been fired up throughout the game due to what he believed were incorrect strike calls against his team. During his brief protest, he even mentioned to Vondrak that even the Blue Jays were frustrated with the umpire's questionable calls.

The incident occurred on a 1-1 slider thrown by Jay Jackson, which landed below the strike zone but was still called a strike. Interestingly, immediately after Boone's ejection, Judge responded with a deep 462-foot home run to center field. It was his second home run of the game, his tenth of the season, and marked his 30th multi-homer game in his career.

Aaron Boone clarifies Judge repeatedly looking at the Yankees dugout after his ejection

To clarify the situation, Aaron Boone addressed Judge's behavior of repeatedly looking at the Yankees dugout after his ejection. It was during Judge's at-bat that he noticed something happening in the dugout and was clearly bothered by it.

Judge was simply trying to identify which Yankees players were involved in the chatter during his at-bat. He denied any claims of cheating or signaling the pitcher's throws, dismissing such baseless allegations made by the Blue Jays broadcast crew.

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