Several AEW stars unhappy and don't want to be in the company - Reports

Tony Khan
Tony Khan is the Head of Creative of both AEW and ROH

AEW is one of the top wrestling promotions in the United States. It is currently being reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer that multiple stars are unhappy with their booking and want to leave the company.

The promotion started in 2019. It had a lot of hype and was highly popular. The Jacksonville-based promotion was a legitimate competition for WWE. AEW had also won the Wednesday Night Wars when they went head-to-head against NXT.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer shared his thoughts on the current status of the AEW roster. He reported that several wrestlers were unhappy and wanted to leave the company. He addressed the latest promo segment involving Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, 'Jungle Boy' Jack Perry, and the world champion, MJF.

Meltzer mentioned that the Jacksonville-based promotion and Tony Khan dug their own graves by allowing stars to talk about how unhappy they were with the company live on television.

“With the whole thing of Darby Allin talking about, ‘All these guys complain, all these guys wanna leave’ and everything like that. Okay, that’s true, but to talk about it on your own television show, basically by doing that, you’re telling people you’re the secondary company. We’ve seen this since May when this really started happening, and it’s done the company no good,” Dave Meltzer said. [H/T]

Meltzer also claimed that some people signed with the promotion because they felt WWE would not sign them.

“There’s people who don’t wanna be there. And signed contracts because they didn’t think WWE wanted them, and then they had… some people have the WWE attitude coming in and some people don’t. Some people from WWE are tremendous assets to this company, and some people have been anything but that, and it’s a case-by-case basis.” [H/T]
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Dave Meltzer claims AEW fans have lost interest in the promotion

While speaking on the same subject, Meltzer addressed the current mindset of the wrestling fanbase.

He claimed that the All Elite Wrestling fans are no longer interested in the promotion.

"The fanbase has gotten softer, they’re not as into it as they were, because they’re being told… before then, it was like, ‘We’re gonna be number one, or we’re the better product but they’re the older product, we’re the younger cooler product and all this.’" [H/T]
@mistaBobbyE @bryanalvarez “AEW isn’t as good as other shows that are on TV, that’s all.”

Meltzer also mentioned that several wrestlers want to move to WWE and are very open about it, as they constantly discuss it on AEW television.

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