Popular AEW star to miss major event, deletes Twitter

AEW officially launched back in 2019
AEW officially launched back in 2019

AEW star Eddie Kingston has contracted COVID-19 and will no longer be able to compete at some major indie events this weekend.

Kingston has been in the headlines a lot recently as he "quit" AEW to focus on a run in Tony Khan's Ring of Honor. The Mad King is currently feuding with current ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli, with the two expected to meet at the upcoming Supercard of Honor pay-per-view ahead of WrestleMania 39 weekend in California.

Kingston was set to be a major guest competitor for OTT in Ireland this weekend, which includes the popular promotion's ScrapperMania 7 show. However, due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, he will no longer be able to wrestle and is currently in isolation. The official OTT Twitter account revealed the news earlier this morning.

"Unfortunately Eddie Kingston has tested positive for Covid and is currently isolated, as a result he can no longer appear at OTT #Wolverhampton #Dublin & #Belfast."
Unfortunately Eddie Kingston has tested positive for Covid and is currently isolated, as a result he can no longer appear at OTT #Wolverhampton #Dublin & #Belfast However Man Like Dereiss ? NJPWs Gabriel Kidd in Wolverhampton Davey Richards ? Big Damo in DublinBelfast TBC 迟飞颈迟迟别谤.肠辞尘/辞迟迟冲飞谤别蝉迟濒颈苍驳/…

The AEW star also recently deactivated his Twitter

Eddie Kingston is not only "gone" from AEW, but also from Twitter. The New York native deactivated his account at some point in the last 24 hours. At this time, it is unknown why, but the Mad King has been very public about his battles with depression.

Over the last few months his tweets were taking shots at his real-life friends like Jon Moxley and Ortiz on the social media platform. Many fans in the wrestling community have already commented about Kingston deleting his Twitter account, and are wishing him well.

So Eddie Kingston deleted his Twitter again? WTH?
Prolly none of my business but i wonder why Eddie Kingston deactivated his twitter. wtf did yall do to the man.#aewdynamite
Whoever is responsible for Eddie Kingston taking down his Twitter, you suck beyond words. We want the Mad King. #WeWantEddie #MadKing #LastOfADyingBreed

Kingston signed with AEW back in 2020 when the promotion, like WWE and the rest of the world, the Jacksonville-based promotion was severely ravaged by the COVID-19 outbreak.

He quickly rose to become one of the most beloved wrestlers on the roster and has grown his fanbase immensely. Prior to that, Kingston competed for Chikara, NWA ROH, TNA, PWG, in Japan, and elsewhere around the world. Sportskeeda would like to send good wishes to him.

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