Former WWE Superstar is willing to come out of retirement after 2 years "if the price is right"

WWE is a Stamford-based wrestling promotion
WWE is a Stamford-based wrestling promotion

Last night's episode of AEW Dynamite featured another blockbuster debut, with former WWE Superstar and ECW icon Sabu making a cameo appearance. He stood by Adam Cole in his upcoming match against Chris Jericho. This weekend at AEW Double or Nothing, the two superstars finally get to give it their all and go at it in an unsanctioned match.

Jericho will have his band of allies in his corner, and Cole will have his best friend and huge backup in Sabu. The suicidal, homicidal, and genocidal maniac is currently retired from professional wrestling as he suffers from a back injury. While fans probably won't see him performing hardcore spots in the pay-per-view match, his appearance is enough to get the fans going.

The WWE icon last competed two years ago in an independent wrestling event. A fan took to Twitter to mention Sabu's back injury, saying how this is definitely gonna impede his actions. The former ECW superstar replied, saying how people shouldn't count him out, and that if the price is right, he may make an in-ring return.

See Sabu's tweet here.

"S*****t .if the price is right ..dont count me out yet.."
A man that @IAmJericho knows VERY well... it's #SABU!!!Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!

With Sabu named special enforcer for the upcoming pay-per-view, let us see how big of an impact this will have on Adam Cole. It would be interesting to see if Cole's backups will be enough to keep the Jericho Appreciation Society at bay.

Former WWE veteran reacts to Sabu's appearance on AEW

During the latest episode of the Busted Open Radio podcast, WWE veteran Bully Ray gave his honest reaction to Sabu's return to AEW Dynamite. While he was happy to see the former ECW star back in wrestling, he wasn't completely thrilled with the surprise.

"I thought it was a surprise for the sake of a surprise. And when it comes to surprises, AEW does it so much now that I think it's lost its lustre a little bit. I mean, it was cool to see Sabu. As a person who started in this business and started in ECW with Sabu being the top guy, who has become friendly with Sabu, who has worked with Sabu, yada yada. Knowing the difficult times that he has been through in the past couple of years, it was good to see him," Bully Ray said. [H/T Wrestling Inc.]
Sabu hits Chris Jericho with DOUBLE triple jump moonsaults in one of ECW’s most legendary matches. (1996) ?

While fans will not be able to see heavy action spots from Sabu, an appearance alone from the WWE superstar is enough to shock the system. His presence will likely get fans more excited for the unsanctioned match at Double or Nothing.

What was your reaction to Sabu's return? Let us know in the comments section below.

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