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How to: Find career ideas

How to: Find career ideas

How-to Guide:
Find career ideas

Wondering what type of job would fit you best? Follow the steps in this guide to learn about your interests, skills, and work values, gather information about different career ideas, and choose a career direction.

Each step includes a link to a tool or information on the website; follow the instructions to learn about the topic or gain new ideas. Use our How-to Guide worksheet to keep track of important information.

In these 5 steps, you will:

  • ? Identify your interests and find out what careers they relate to
  • ? Rate the level of your work skills and see which fields match your skills
  • ? Discover your work values and the work environments you would thrive in
  • ? Learn important information about your career matches
  • ? Narrow down your career list to the best options for you?