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Research Industries

Scan your local industries to find the strongest job markets.

Discover which industries are in demand, have the largest employment,?are experiencing declining employment, pay the most, and more. Sharpen your job search or career planning by learning where industry growth and decline are occurring.

View Career Cluster / Industry Videos
Learn about major industries and the careers they offer with these videos highlighting popular carer clusters.

Fastest-Growing Industries
Find the industries that are projected to grow the fastest. Includes past and projected industry employment levels and growth rates.

Industries with the Largest Employment
View the industries with the largest employment nationwide. Includes details about employment and links to more detailed industry information.

Industries with Declining Employment
Create a list of industries with the largest projected decline in employment nationwide. Includes past and projected industry employment levels and growth rates.

Highest-Paying Industries
Find the highest-paying industries. Includes details of average weekly wages and average annual wages.

Why care about industries?

An “industry” describes the collection of companies and organizations connected with producing a particular product or service, such as cars, software, health care, or energy.

Industry research can help shed light on which industries are growing and which are declining in a local area. Knowing where industry growth is high can guide you to focus your job search in a certain location, target specific companies for job applications, or strengthen your knowledge of a growing industry.

Keep in mind that some occupations appear in many different industries. Careers in many IT roles, human resources, sales, business analysis, and administration are available across industries, so job seekers in these fields should not limit their search to a particular industry.