Taylor Swift No Apology from Kim K Over Leaked 'Famous' Call with Kanye

There's a good reason Taylor Swift called out Kim Kardashian in TIME over a now 7-year-old phone call with Kanye West -- it's an incident for which Kim still has not apologized ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us Kim has never said sorry to Taylor over the notorious "Famous" phone call between Taylor and Kanye in 2016 ... the one Kim and Ye released, attempting to show Taylor was cool with the song's racy line about her.


Remember, at the time of the track's release, Taylor expressed outrage over Ye's lyric ... "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex // Why? I made that bitch famous." In response to Taylor's anger, Kim posted her version of the recorded phone call in an effort to prove Taylor understood exactly what the song would include.

However, the full unedited version of the recorded call eventually came out, and it became clear Kanye had not revealed he'd refer to Taylor as a "bitch."


Our sources say Kim's never apologized to Taylor for the call -- and even after the Time article, it's still crickets.

Interestingly, we're told Taylor would actually accept an apology from Kim on this issue, even all these years later, but only under one specific condition ... it would have to be done publicly.

As one source put it to us, a public shaming calls for a public "I'm sorry."

Our sources say Taylor still feels like Kim and Kanye were in the wrong ... and she was dumbfounded when Kim doubled down on her position even after the full, unedited version of their call got published.

From Kim's POV -- which she made clear in tweets at the time, and in subsequent interviews -- the fact Taylor was looped in on the song, period, vindicated her and Kanye ... but we're told Taylor's position has always been about the use of the word "bitch."

Kim downplayed that in a GQ piece ... saying all rappers use that term, and that it was NBD -- and while this might sound like a lot of hair-splitting ... we're told Taylor still feels she was seriously wronged in the framing of all that, something she touched on in her TIME interview.

Again, we're told Taylor is still willing to bury the hatchet with Kim -- who has since divorced Kanye -- but at this point, our sources say the 2 women have no relationship.

Even more context to all this is, of course, Kanye's infamous tirade interrupting Taylor's 2009 VMAs acceptance speech -- an old feud that got relitigated with the phone call saga in 2016 ... and is now being reopened yet again in 2023.

Based on her current feelings about the whole mess, it's clear TS feels she deserves an apology -- but, luckily, she doesn't seem to be holding her breath for it.

Sam Asghari About Britney & Her Dad ... Who and Who? Happy Holidays!!!


Britney and Jamie Spears possibly reconciling is something Sam Asghari certainly has an opinion about, but getting him to share it ... well, that's another story, especially when the guy's got Christmas on the mind.

We got Britney's ex-husband out Wednesday in L.A., on the heels of our report about Brit warming to the idea of burying the hatchet with her old man after his recent leg amputation.


Keep in mind, Sam's the guy who once called Jamie a "d***" ... so, of course, we wanted to get his opinion on the potential father and child reunion.

Check out the interaction, for yourself -- Sam was happy to send season's greetings to the Spears fam, but beyond that ... well, you'll have to read his face.

He refused to answer questions about his ex-wife and ex-father-in-law ... and trust us, we tried every angle, including bringing up Britney and Lynne reuniting last week.

His shutdown might be a sign he's done talking about BS and her family drama, but more likely ... he and his ex have agreed not to speak about each other in public.

Remember, Brit and Sam filed for divorce earlier this year -- and late last month, we learned they were close to a settlement. So, it makes sense he's not looking to sink any ships with loose lips.

He was happy to chat about the approaching holiday season ... and perhaps he's subliminally sending Brit and co. some good vibes here.


Travis Kelce is no stranger to breaking records on the field, and now he's doing so off as well ... with a game-used jersey auctioning off for a hefty price.

The jersey, worn by Travis in the Chiefs 2019 victory against the Los Angeles Chargers in Mexico City, and a game in which TK scored a TD just went for an eye-watering $37K on Goldin Auctions. The sale marks an all-time record for a Travis game-used item for the auction house.

Auction owner, Ken Goldin, tells us, "This is an all-time record for a Travis Kelce game-used item. He has always been popular but the success of the Chiefs, as well as the publicity he's gotten around his relationship with Taylor Swift, has added to his popularity and awareness among collectors."

Ken's clearly stating the obvious, though ... as the frenzy surrounding his romance with Taylor has been like nothing we've seen before. Not all NFL fans have been happy with Swift's presence at the games, stating she's been a distraction ... especially during broadcasts.


However, as Taylor explained in her TIME Magazine profile after being named Person of the Year, she's merely there to "support Travis" ... and doesn't care about the attention from fans.

Candace Parker I'm Coming Back To The WNBA ... If I'm Healthy


Candace Parker's WNBA career ain't over just yet ... the superstar hooper tells TMZ Sports she's got plans to return to the hardwood next season -- if she's healthy.

Of course, there were questions about her basketball future after the 6-foot-4 forward was forced to miss the Aces' WNBA Finals win -- as well as a large portion of the 2023 season -- while battling a foot injury.

However, when we got her out in Los Angeles this week ... she sure didn't seem like someone ready to hang up her sneakers just yet.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"If I'm healthy," she told us, "I want to play."

Right now, Parker said the recovery process from her foot injury is going well.

When it comes to how many seasons the 37-year-old might have left in her if her body gets back into playing shape ... she says she isn't quite sure.

The Tennessee Volunteers legend also gave out a tip for all the female college hoopers who are in the midst of the lucrative NIL era ... saying simply, "Get that money!!!"

Guess Who This Hungry Baby Turned Into!

Before this hungry baby was serving all the humor as a reality television star on 'The Real Housewives,' she was just hangin' with her pops in Long Island, New York and going off to Hofstra University to study psychology.

For you 'Housewives' fans ... you saw her obtain her real estate license in the most recent season. She may still have her thick Long Island accent, but she sure does fit in with the blonde OG's of the OC! And, just because she's one of the younger 'wives, doesn't mean she doesn't give IT to the more seasoned ladies!

Can you guess who she is?

JEREMY RENNER Wired Up, Ready to Fly with Device ... Aids Recovery 1 Yr. Later

Jeremy Renner plays Hawkeye, but 'The Avengers' star looked more like Iron Man while traveling through NYC's JFK Airport ... thanks to a compression device he has to wear nearly 1 year after his horrific snowplow accident.

The actor wore 2 of the devices -- used to improve blood flow and reduce pain and swelling -- strapped to his lower legs ... along with some warm winter threads during his Wednesday travel plans.

Though, Jeremy has already come a long way since miraculously surviving the ordeal of being crushed by his snowplow on New Year's Day.

As well as his broken bones, he also suffered a collapsed lung and punctured liver ... but defied the odds a mere 10 weeks later as he began to walk with the aid of a cane.


Video footage captured the horror of the accident ... with a team of medics racing to save his life before he was eventually airlifted to the hospital in critical condition.

As well as the actions of the first responders, Jeremy told Jimmy Kimmel months later that his survival was down to pure luck.

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Well, defying the odds looks great on him as he approaches the anniversary of his ordeal.

Lupita Nyong'o & Joshua Jackson Yep, We're Dating!!!

There's no hiding it anymore -- just days after they went to great lengths to conceal their relationship -- Lupita Nyong'o and Joshua Jackson are now out and walking hand-in-hand.

The two looked happy and comfortable Tuesday while taking a stroll in Joshua Tree, California.


Notice both sported a beanie and comfy-wear as they chatted, smiled and seemingly enjoyed each other's company.

Of course, the new photos are a far cry from the couple's grocery run back in Los Angeles earlier in the week.

The duo drove up to an Erewhon grocery store in Josh's car while Lupita tried her best to hide in the passenger's seat. From there, each entered and exited the store separately before getting back in Josh's car and taking off.

It was back in October when Josh and Lupita were spotted together at a concert in Los Angeles. At the time, Lupita was still publicly with her boyfriend, Sal Masekela -- she quickly deleted pics with Sal from her Instagram after the concert photos surfaced -- before eventually announcing they had split.

As for Joshua, his estranged wife, Jodie Turner-Smith, filed for divorce back in October, putting an end to their marriage after 4 years.


Ken Hudson Campbell -- who played Santa in "Home Alone" -- is hoping for a Christmas miracle ... after kickstarting a GoFundMe for help after his recent cancer diagnosis.

Campbell -- who's also appeared in other beloved classics such as "Groundhog Day" and "Armageddon" during his 35-year career span -- was diagnosed in late Oct after a tumor "elusively grew on the bottom of his mouth and began encroaching on his teeth."

The statement on the GoFundMe says he's scheduled for a 10-hour surgery to remove the tumor Thursday ... which will also remove a large part of his jawbone.

Additionally, he'll undergo reconstructive surgery and rounds of radiation and chemo ... with a lengthy 6-month recovery period.

Unfortunately, Ken lost his SAG-AFTRA health insurance in Jan 2022 following the pandemic ... and even though he's found new insurance, substantial out-of-pocket costs are still anticipated -- hence the GFM.

At the time of writing, it has reached a little over $58K of its $100K goal.

The statement emphasizes the surgery could affect his future employability ... adding: "We're asking for your help so that Kenny can use the time ahead to return to health, and spend more time with family & friends."

50 Cent Donating $$$ from Diddy Doc To Victims of Sexual Assault

50 Cent is getting ready to roll out a documentary on Diddy and his recent drama, but the money made from the project is slated to benefit a good cause.

The "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" rapper's upcoming documentary plans to highlight the many accusations hurled Diddy's way in the past few weeks -- and he announced on Wednesday that the profits are going to charity.

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A rep for 50 Cent and G-Unit Film and Television confirmed to TMZ Hip Hop that this documentary is currently in development and all G-Unit Film & Television proceeds from this Documentary will go to victims of Sexual Assault and Rape.

To accompany the announcement, 50 shared a new interview clip featuring former Bad Boy artist Mark Curry ... where the "Bad Boy 4 Life" rapper claimed Diddy used to host parties and give spiked bottles and pills to the women in attendance.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

50 also threw sly shots at his other foe Rick Ross in his teaser trailer ... by using Rozay's controversial "U.O.E.N.O." lyrics about slipping females molly in their champagne when they weren't looking.

Diddy isn't letting all this smut go to his name without a fight ... earlier today, he emphasized "enough is enough" and denied all the allegations as a money grab as a response to yet another lawsuit.


50 has yet to set a release date for the doc, but he's been posting about Diddy a lot lately, so you gotta imagine it's top of mind.

Separated Manatees 'Romeo & Juliet' Relocated ... After Viral Vid Sparks Outrage

A trio of manatees, including 2 former mates named Romeo and Juliet -- are finally being relocated after a viral video showed their isolated conditions, and the guy who helped make it happen is glad something's finally happening.

Phil Demers is the head of a whistleblower org called Urgent Seas, and a video he posted last month blew up on the Internet -- it showed the manatees, specifically Romeo, toiling in despair at the Miami Seaquarium.

Manatee Rescue

Romeo's counterpart, Juliet, was being kept separately and also alone in the Seaquarium ... not to mention a third manatee named Clarity. After Demers published his video though, public backlash forced the company's hand.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Sadly, it doesn't sound like Romeo and Juliet are going to be reunited anytime soon ... and they probably won't even be released into the wild, and Demers tells us why. Still, the fact the manatees are going to better facilities with proper care is a 'W' in his book.

He says the fact this is happening is proof public pressure can, in fact, spur positive change and he's glad the manatees will get a new lease on life.

The Miami Seaquarium, meanwhile, said this was the plan all along ... although, it's unclear if anyone's really buying that.

Jamie Lynn Spears Mum on Britney Reconciliation ... Sends Season's Greetings


Britney Spears appears to be on the precipice of a mass reconciliation with her whole family -- but from the way Jamie Lynn Spears sounded Wednesday ... maybe not???

Brit's younger sibling was asked a bunch of questions about the family dynamic at LAX, and unfortunately ... she wasn't in a very chatty mood, opting to stay mum on pretty much all talk about her sister -- including the possibility of her burying the hatchet once and for all.

We'll give the cameraperson credit here ... trying to get her to open up every which way, but JLS clammed up and simply wouldn't budge. She gives a Merry Xmas though, FWIW.

Of course, regardless of Jamie Lynn's silence ... we know for a fact Britney wanted her at her birthday party this past weekend, which their mom Lynne actually ended up attending -- the first real signs of warming we've seen from Britney toward her family.

Like we told you ... not only is Brit apparently open to making amends with Jamie Lynn, but there's evidence she's keeping the window open to repairing her relationship with her father, Jamie, as well.

TMZ broke the story ... we'd recently learned Jamie had his leg amputated due to ongoing health issues, and it would appear Britney caught wind of that update too -- 'cause she posted a throwback photo of the two of them shortly thereafter.

Again, hard to gauge what Jamie Lynn's non-talking here really means -- it could suggest the sisters aren't any closer to mending fences than they were a year ago ... or, by contrast, it could also mean she's protecting Britney's privacy and they're on the road to reconciliation.

At the very least, Mama Bear is in her corner ... and that's a good start, we suppose. We'll see if the rest of the Spears brood hops aboard the love train -- for now, mum's the word.

BRADLEY COOPER My New FOOD TRUCK's A HIT!!! Rumored GF Gigi & Ex Irina Among First Customers

Bradley Cooper got to work, manning the grill in his new food truck ... and as luck would have it, he had some VERY familiar faces visit him as some of the joint's first customers.

The Philly native flashed a massive smile as he got a taste of home ... cookin' Philly cheesesteaks at his new Danny & Coop food truck -- a partnership with Danny DiGiampietro, owner of Angelo's Pizzeria in South Philly -- in NYC Wednesday.

Among his first customers was ex Irina Shayk and their daughter coming out to show their support -- as well as his current squeeze, Gigi Hadid.

Proving they were still co-parenting brilliantly, the "Maestro" actor engaged in a friendly exchange with lil' Lea and Irina -- who's been busy in NYC in recent months with rumored new man Tom Brady.

Though, last we heard, things "fizzled out" between them in Oct. However, Bradley still seems to be going strong with Gigi, who paid him a visit at the truck an hour before Irina.

The Image Direct

Despite Gigi's status as a supermodel/Bradley's (unconfirmed) GF, any attempt on her behalf to bag freebies fell short ... as she was seen pulling out her card to pay for her cheesesteak.

Nonetheless, Bradley's food truck venture went down a treat ... with even Laura Dern grabbing a bite to eat alongside Gigi.

G&B haven't confirmed their romance ... though they've been seen together on loads of cozy sightings in NYC -- swiftly after Gigi reportedly parted ways with Leonardo DiCaprio.



Henry Winkler is applauding legendary producer Norman Lear for making an enormous impact on America's TV landscape, and even bigger ... on American society.

Being a TV icon himself, "The Fonz" joined us Wednesday on "TMZ Live," and admitted it's not easy to find the right words to describe someone like Norman, who accomplished so much in life, with "grace, intelligence, and fun."

Henry shared an anecdote about Norman's 101st birthday party, where someone asked how he felt about reaching that age, and he wittily responded ... "Not as good as I'll be at 102!"

His point being, Norman -- who passed away Tuesday -- was always a forward-thinking guy, who used his art to help Americans see the best and worst in themselves ... tackling topics like homosexuality, racism, the Vietnam War and women's rights -- which had never been done before on TV.

As for Henry ... well, his memoir, "Being Henry: The Fonz ... and Beyond," is approaching one month on the New York Times Bestseller list -- and after 50 years in showbiz, he told us why he's just now discovering his true self.

Ya gotta see the perfect metaphor he dropped on us to encapsulate his awesome career. Easy to see why Henry's known as the nicest guy in Hollywood!


Turns out the new coupling of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach's exes isn't as random as you might think ... as they actually posted a selfie together 7 years before going official.

In Dec. 2016, T.J.'s ex-wife Marilee Fiebig shared an IG snap with Amy's ex-husband Andrew Shue ... acknowledging in the caption it was great to catch up with Amy and her man, as both couples didn't hang out as much as they'd like.

Funny enough, Amy even commented on the pic back in the day, writing, "?? this!"

Of course, we all now know that Amy would go on to find ?? with Marilee's husband T.J. ... with their romance coming to light in Nov 2022 -- sensationally costing them their TV jobs.

However, both their exes called BS ... saying they had found out about their romance in the summer of 2022.


Nevertheless, Marilee and Andrew are clearly focusing on the future ... with news emerging earlier this week, they've been dating for 6 months after bonding over their divorces from the hosts.

Amy & T.J. Podcast

Amy and T.J. are also still going strong ... recently joining forces for a tell-all new podcast ... detailing their relationship's rocky road beginnings during episode 1.

Drew Carey Ex-Fiancee's Murderer ... Sentenced to Life in Prison

The man convicted in the murder of Drew Carey's ex-fiancee was just sentenced to spend the rest of his days behind bars ... more than 3 years after she fell to her death.

Gareth Pursehouse was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Wednesday after he was convicted of killing Dr. Amie Harwick ... where a jury found him guilty of first-degree murder with a special circumstance allegation after a trial in September.

Prosecutors alleged he broke into Harwick's home in February of 2020 and waited for her to return before attacking ... and ultimately threw her off a third-story balcony.

The prosecution said his crime stemmed from not being able to get over their prior relationship -- which had ended years ago. Interestingly, Harwick had apparently expressed fear to friends and confidantes over Pursehouse not long before she died.

Pursehouse's defense team acknowledged in court he had, in fact, illegally entered Harwick's house that night -- but argued that he never intended to kill her ... claiming Harwick might've climbed over the balcony herself and fell on her own, noting the prosecution hadn't definitively proven their client was the one who threw her off. Obviously, the jury disagreed.

TMZ broke the story ... Pursehouse was arrested quickly after Harwick's death, and investigators pinpointed him as the prime suspect with the help of surveillance video.

As for Drew, he and Hawick had been engaged in 2018 but ended their relationship less than a year later. Still, he was devastated by her murder -- and attended her wake.

Ex-NFLer Sergio Brown Pleads Not Guilty To Murdering His Mother

Former NFL safety Sergio Brown is fighting back in his murder case this week ... pleading not guilty to charges that he killed his mom and concealed her body afterward.

According to a spokesperson for the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, Brown entered the pleas before an Illinois judge on Wednesday.

He's now due back for another hearing in the case late next month.

As we previously reported, Brown was first hit with one charge of first-degree murder and one count of concealment of a dead body back in October ... after officials claimed he killed his 73-year-old mom in Maywood in September and dumped her body near a creek behind her home.

Authorities alleged that following the killing, Brown hightailed it to Mexico -- where he was seen partying and dancing seemingly without a care in the world at a Tulum club.


Brown was eventually extradited and arrested ... and later transported to Illinois to face the charges.

He's currently being held behind bars without bail.

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